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I enjoyed a wonderfully Spontaneous adventure and shoot yesterday after going to visit my friends Uncle to view his art work! When Lynn opened the door to his small apartment I was overwhelmed with Walls of his original art work. Brightly colored & highly symbolic drawings Hung literally from ceiling to the floor on every wall! 
We are now in the process of taking some detailed photographs of all the Art work as to my surprise such amazing talent that is only seen by those who visit him So we have teamed up to bring his work out to the world. I will soon have Lynn a DeviantArt page set up but you may find a sneak peak of his images surrounding me in my latest deviations as we had a very spirited shoot for a photo file for him 
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On the Level by BridgetFalls
On the Level
Just having fun for the camera. My images always reflect what is goin on in my life. Been spending all my spare time the past 3-4 months learning to be a carpenter through trial and error making repairs to rv from water damage
BlueBonnets bursting into bloom & 75° today! Looks like this bipolar bitch made it through another winter!
So I did gave to move off the wonderfully whimsical boat Geronimo but I bought a used 27' 5th wheel with 1 slide-out. So does that officially make me Texas trailer trash or a full blown Faery Gypsy. If you saw the knarly old live oaks I'm living under I think the latter <3 I never was a mermaid Always a Faery WoodNymp
I would like to thank everyone for the Birthday wishes
Jan 13, 2015
:iconbridgetfalls:BridgetFalls has changed their username (formerly etheralinsanity)
Please Don't Make Me Move! by BridgetFalls
Please Don't Make Me Move!
                                      This is a Prayer Of Help, Protection & Intercession!

I have lived on the koolest boat for 1 year 3 months now along with Kashmir my cat & Konan my young wolfdog. The boat is named Geronimo; he used to be a working shrimp boat but was converted into this outrageously unique & whimsical floating apartment! Sonja(landlord) told me the day after Thanksgiving that I needed to move by mid January...she was gonna TRY to sell the boat! That made for a very joyous Holiday season! NOT!!! My birthday is January 15th also! Thing is she has tried to sell it before but CAN NOT without the private dock! It's not like ya can dock this big old boy boat just anywhere! Why in the world wouldn't she allow me to stay until it does sell? I keep him very clean & have him fixed up real cute & comfortable! I will probably be made homeless & loose my pets! Like being made homeless by multimillionaire ex-inlaws instead of a proper divorce settlement to force me to give up my 3 kids 10 years ago! Being homeless for 5 years was hard enough to live through & not kill myself! I am gonna loose everything I love & my home AGAIN!!! Please fellow Deviants... Say A Prayer!!! Make A Wish!!! Cast A Spell!!! Weave Some Magik!!! Anything to help me not have to move! I am so Happy & Content here for the FIRST time ever in my life. I DO NOT HAVE IT ANYWHERE IN MY  MIND, BODY OR SOUL TO GO THREW HOMELESS AGAIN!!! I can't afford to rent a house out here in this sleepy little coastal village of barely 600 people but this is where the houses I clean for a living are... Konan, my codependent malamute/wolf hybrid, walks to the jobs as I do not drive. He goes everywhere with me! He absolutely will not tolerate being away from me which is fine with me because he is very much a CPTSD Therapy dog to me(He ADOPTED me last Valentines Day which was also a full moon Krazi YES but waay kool, even spiritual considering my Cherokee lineage.
   My Pets ARE my Family. I am perfectly content to live this modest life without financial security or material possessions BUT LOOSING EVERYTHING THAT I LOVE & LOVES ME IN RETURN WILL BE BRUTAL...THE POWERS THAT BE GAVE THESE ONCE FERAL ANIMALS TO THIS ONCE FERAL WOMAN & WE ARE A HAPPY LIL FERAL FAMILY. Loosing it all again would be very detrimental to every ounce of my being.... maybe even turn me into a Sociopath or Suicidal or something completely opposite of the Positive, Sensitive, Hard Working, Always got a joke & smile Woman I have, against all odds, grown into!


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Bridget Falls
United States
Somewhere on the Coast, Texas

Skin of choice: my own

Personal Quote: That's Krazi With a K


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youlakou Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i realy  love  your gallery you are so  hot
The-Darkwolf Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2015
Happy Birthday beautiful! :hug: With birthday wishes that everything turns out well...  :beach: birthday cake Birthday Glomp emoticon happy DA B-day :3 1st Emoticon: Happy Birthday :piratejig: Sailing the seven seas 
bob60t Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2015
Happy Birthday!!!
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Happy Birthday!!Airborne 
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Happy Birthday Bridget! :cake::party::airborne:
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HB to you!! 
BarefootPiratequeen Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2015
:cake: Happy Birthday to you, Bridget! :ahoy:
bear48 Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2014  Professional
Many Blessing on you house

You have been an important blessing on mine
Posereality4 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2014
I just found your work. There is a wonderful honesty that comes across in your images. Very inspirational for my 3D nudes. You are watched!
BridgetFalls Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2014
Why thank you! You ay use any of my images you wish Just please share. I will wonder through your gallery soon Just took a quick peak. Great work
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